Idaho wheeling....80 style

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Great pics.
Very nice pics! Is he stock or some lift?
J springs (not for long!). outback spacers. L shocks. worn 35s. this trail has tons o traction
what about some Utah wheelin'--Idaho style? Heard you were rockni' the Constrictor today? Got any pics? I swear, if you fudgers don't start keepin' cameras in your rigs... A little birdie told me you took some door damage....? :eek:

Dude, tell me you saved me the flares!!! Although the flare-less looks nice!
I will sell my flares if someone wants to convince me to remove mine :D

I got a quote for $600 to bedline my flare pattern after removal, and I have to POR putty to patch the holes...

I have to wait till March to do anything though with the new kid about to arrive

Yeah saw that on Pirate. Awesome!! I want my 80!!
So wrench are they fixing yours now or what???
hope so

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