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Feb 14, 2005
La Grande, OR
welcome! I'd skip the first for their asking price - and see how flexible the 2nd is - 5sp? really? that makes it a bit more valuable, but not sure about 6500...

i personally like the blue one (especially w/ a 5sp), but think the price is a bit high right now. If you are in La Grande - check spokane and tri-cities as well.


Go for the 87. You can buy a 5 speed and swap it in for less than the blue one costs.
I test drove that 1987 truck about 2 1/2 or 3 yrs ago when it was for sale. Judging from the looks like it may be owned by the same lady still? I'm sure it is the same truck I drove. As I ran and drove well, but the rust is worse than it looks in those pictures. I wound up buying my current 84 from someone else in the North End. There are cruisers all over Boise....heck, one of my favorite fj45lwb of all time "lives" there.
Like GLTHFJ60 said you can swap out a 5 speed for less than the blue one. But rust does =$$$$
If you have $6500 just sitting burning a hole....... go for it. It is a bit steep though! keep looking too.
I would go look at the 84 if it is close and then offer want it is worth to you and see what happens.

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