Icbm 2009?

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should have came to Roundup
When have we, LSLC, ever planned this far ahead??????/

we have the wheeling for the wounded event at Gilmer, plus them bozos from Miss have put an event at Hot Springs in this same time frame....

We were talking mid September at the meeting, but I'm open to suggestions.
Yeah Jason! We look for major support from you guys! We have been coming out there for years now. All yall have ever sent us is Kowboy and Doc! Great guys but damn... a guy can only take so much! Haaa!

We have been coming out there for years now.

Hell we'd have had to shut the border down to keep ya'll out............

I like the way your Gov. has been talking so you might have to put up a fence to keep us out before long.

yeah, well, careful with that. ol' rick has been to known to make noise like this before, just before election time. only difference is, if he puts this out there much more, we may have to make him own up to it!
Don't let Butch set the date. A hurricane will hit.

Late Sept./early Oct. gets my vote.
Yall can't do it in early October! We are having a little ole event over in Hot Spring that we would like yall to participate in on October the 8th-11th!
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OK, we're talking about the weekend of October 23,24. That's two weeks after the Crawl and the weekend before Halloween. Sound good?
The Gilmer cruisers are out for that weekend. I have to work. Sooner or later we might be able to catch up with everyone again.
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