I would call it a shutter

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Apr 25, 2005
Prince George B.C.
I have an 81 BJ42. The item in question sits in front of the rad and looks like a roll up and down blind. My assumption is it acts as a shutter to help warm up the eng. Mine has seen better days. I would like to replace it. Where should I go, is replacement a good option. ( my question mark has also seen better days ) Suggestions.
Yes' it's there to help keep the truck warm in the winter. I used to have mine rolled down in the winter all the time and up in the summer. Good luck on finding another one.
Hey Tommy, Head over to pinedale auto wreakers out by the airport in PG and look at their 60s they have in the field. You may find one it better shape than yours. They also have lots of cruiser parts there.

The shutter/rad cover is a nice option on the diesels. Cause when it warms up outside it's very easy to retract.
Is this a factory option and if so on what models did it come?
Realizing I really don't need it here in Seattle, just wondering.

I think I save it.

Took my bib off today to get at the blind. It's all there and was caught on the cable pull. It's in bad shape but appears to be saveable. Here's some pics.


I went back later and looked closer. I may have spoke too soon. The spool is rusted something terrible. I'll give it a shot. It would be nice to have it working next winter. It's going to be the wife's truck when I'm done with it.
Happy wife, happy life.

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