I wanna be a member

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Jun 6, 2005
I would like to become an official member of the elite Coastal Cruisers Gang.... Where do I send my cheque and for how much....

Sign me up baby!!!!
Has anyone mentioned the blood initiation to you yet?
Don't worry Norm, I put in the required hidden kill switch on her truck yesterday. And the best part...she doesn't know about it yet. :D

Prospective Club members have to be able to find their kill switch and start their vehicles by the time of the next Club meeting. :D
:hillbilly I do now!!!

mmm - so you vant my blud....

and here I thought you guys would MAKE me wear a t-shirt that read "JEEPS RULE", and have me drive a BRONCO FORD to a Cruiser Meeting...:doh:

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