I used my Winch Today

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Oct 30, 2006
Columbus, OH
Not really for a purpose the Mudder's would call legit though. My wife initially made fun of me when I put the winch on a few weeks ago. Her and a friend were digging this nasty bush out of the landscape. I let them work at it for a good hour and watched them break a shovel while washing my LX450. When they were at the point of giving up, I offered to pull it out for them. Of couse it went out without a problem. Afterwards, my wife told me she was afraid to ask after making fun of me :D
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Using a winch for hosehold chores? BRILLIANT!
LOL! Used a strap to help the BIL with a similar situation a few months back. Nephew's 4runner just didn't have it or he babied it. My winch went on yesterday - now to tackle that last oliander bush!
I thought the picture looked like you were recovering your LX450 from your driveway while strapped to that bush :)
Nicely done!

I really wish we had pictures of the time I used 3 d-rings, 60' of strap, my dad's Yukon, and my 80 as a giant block and tackle system to pull out the stump of a 40yo oak tree that was about 3' in diameter at its base. Was quite entertaining and my neighbor was very appreciative as they had spent the entire previous day trying to dig it out by hand.

That's hilarious! Nice job!
Classic! Now If my wife will only stop making fun of me wanting a winch!:mad:

When I first bought my winch, my wife gave me some grief over it, telling me it was a waste of money and so on and so forth. I used it on 4 wheeling trips but she was never along to see the benefit. Until...

She took one of the kids to soccer practice, I was at home changing to go to the practice, when the phone rang. The coaches wife was stuck in the mud in her mini van. Went up there, winched out the coaches wife, my wife didn't say anything, until...

One week later, same scenario, only the phone call is from my wife telling me that SHE is stuck in the mud at soccer practice. I went up there, winched her out, and she was able to get to her next commitment on time.

I have not heard one word about my winch purchase since then, and it has been 3 years.
I watched a neighbor tie his built 69 Bronco to a bush about that size. The bush stayed put and the Bronco skidded up over the curb and onto the grass. 80s weigh a bit more than an old Bronco I guess. Is your wife going to buy you a new shovel?
I used mine last trip to pull down some standing dead trees for firewood. It was entertaining.

We have a couple of Yucca plants that my wife wants gone. Any good ideas on how to connect to the plant?

One is in the back yard through a chain link fence. I'm pretty sure I have enough cable to reach. I wonder how bad I'll mangle the fence if I'm careful to go through perfectly (near so) straight.

How do you tie onto a Yucca without the sling sliding off the top?
yup, pulled some bushes and dead trees out before, sure beats digging them up...

also good to pull felled trees along across bush and stuff to where you can cut them up easily...

(wire rope better for the above than synth...)
I'm glad you posted this, I really am. I didn't have the courage to post a similar photo. I was at my Moms place last year and she is quite the gardener. There "was" a 40 year old blue fitzer bush in front of a window that had a great view. She started trimming the bush till you could see the trunk, about 10" diameter. I convinced her to get rid of it and told her I would use my winch. She got quite a chuckle out of me hooking up the 12,000 Warn and dragging the bush out. I was quite amazed at the force it took to yank that thing out. The tap root came out intact and it was well over 12 feet long.
If I'd only seen this post a few weeks ago. Maybe I could have justified a winch purchase. ;)

I just hooked a chain up to the tow hook and wrapped it around the bushes I was pulling out. Would have been much more fun if I'd gotten a new bumper and winch our of the deal.
We have a couple of Yucca plants that my wife wants gone. How do you tie onto a Yucca without the sling sliding off the top?

Dunno about the type of yucca that you have up there but some of the plants here have very short roots. I had one about 8' tall that died. I was expecting a long day digging and found that I could push it over with my hands.

You guys are killing me! A locked 80 is a rolling winch! If an 80 can't pull it, it is stuck tight. The only reasons for my winch are Heeps and yardwork! I have pulled out posts, tightened fencing and moved scrap vehicles with it. I once used it to collapse a junk structure on the property to salvage the lumber! The winch is not for my truck. It is for other trucks, and mostly for just plain work! If I need a pull, the winch is usually on the wrong end of the truck to help me.
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I got a FJ40 recently...Has a 8247 winch. My main purpase for the purchase was to do work clearing some land for a future home. Cant wait to put it to work...I think I have some stumps to move, definitely some trees.

Im gonna look for an old hood for a car and use it like a sled to move some big rocks around. Got lots of big rocks & logs I cant wait to move.

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