I used my bj60 for every day driving and service calls. Replace or rebuild engine or new vehicle? (1 Viewer)

Jan 11, 2008
The truck is not exactly a service truck in the telecom industry. Its not a caravan or other. Those are commonly used in my line of work. I am self employed so..I need to get work from any source, just not NATIONAL accounts which are stupid bid jobs for even small work of a few hours.

I have 460k on my 84 bj60. The start times are taking longer. Millage is down to 22-25 mph. Id say 600 km per tank full. I would like to get a check up with a member on ih8mud who lives in the Vancouver area. I have automotive tools and a snapon solus pro, if you want me to check out your car for sensor values. I want to do a basic compression test, to see what the numbers are. Perhaps a valve lash adjustment. You would need to have a garage and live in the GVRD. I can go out as far as abbotsford but like to stay close.

Looking for a pair of batteries cheap. Got sources?

Anyway, i need to head out to my job site. Please tell me what you have to offer and will return any services in kind.



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May 21, 2009
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I think your 600km / tank range is good in the city. I get 600 - 700 in city and 800 highway with the stock configuration.
As for batteries look for the most cold cranking amps and always replace both at same time.

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