I think my supercharger is too quiet

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Oct 14, 2013
Placerville, CA
I have a 97 LC with 180K on the clock. I purchased it used at 153K Sept. 2013. I do not know when the Kazuma SC was installed or how many miles are on it. I can only assume it has been on the truck since nearly new.

I have a friend with 93 LC and a more recent TRD SC.

When listening to his engine the SC noise is very noticeable. With mine, you can hardly tell the difference from stock.

I have no trouble with acceleration and it feels good.

Does the lack of noise indicate it is wearing out? I am sure it has never been serviced.
Some blowers make more noise than others. Each one as a different personality.
That was quick. Thank you.
I have a fair amount of tire and exhaust noise, and I can just barely hear my SC over all that.
I only hear it when it kicks in - on either truck - it's not very noticeable
I've got an older kazuma on mine and totally can't hear it. I've got a pretty loud ems exhaust but I still wondered the same thing. It has tons of power but I must admit, I'd kinda like some blower whine
Thanks for the responses guys. I actually prefer quiet. I just did not want quiet to be the sound impending doom, so to speak.

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