I think it is the fuel pump??

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Oct 5, 2006
Murfreesboro Tenn.
So i was having issues with my truck dieing on my while at an idle. I changed the fuel filter hoping that would help and it made it run a bit smother but thats all it will still die on me.

When I am in a off chamber situation it will usually die on my or when I park and it is tilted a bit it will start and then die.

Once I give it gas it then runs perfect and smooth. So I think that it would have to be the fuel filter

What do yall think. Is there something else that I can check? Or do yall think it could be the fuel filter?

Thanks in advance

Fuel Pressure Regulator
anyone please?
Find the main EFI relay (approx. 15.5 inches back from radiator support on pass side of engine compartment; between inner fender & air cleaner).

While engine is running, rock the relay in its socket. You may find engine stalls. In my case, mechanic changed relays. I believe some have found it necessary to replace OEM contacts in relay socket using Toyota repair parts. A search should find your answer.
You need to check the fuel pressure and run a code check if you have not already?

If so then check the pesky fuel pump wire in the drives side rear quarter panel they are known to fail then i would go for the fuel pump and also check the sock for the nasty stuff that is also on the pump.
If it was me i would rewire the fuel pump to its own circuit in the fuse block to a ignition source to see if you have any change.....half the dam time it is that wire inside the quarter panel is the issue....i rewired mine to the fuse panel....no you do not need the relays they (the fuel pump) runs fine without them.
Oh yea....blow out all your fuel lines:meh:never hurts.

I had a dam 40 once that would suck up this piece of dirt into the line and quit after a few minutes of running then drop back into the tank after a few hours.....drove dad and i nuts for months. Finally we unhooked the lines at both ends and i blew from the tank end and a piece of something got dad right in the eye:grinpimp:
Thanks guys for the help I will try to trace this stuff out today.

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