I think I need a driver side 76 cruiser defrost guide vent....

Oct 10, 2020
Near Omaha Ne
I need the part that the defroster hose for the left drivers side needs to be slid onto. This is what the tube side of my current one looks like:
Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 6.43.52 PM.png

This is where the defroster tube from the heater plugs into for the windshield defrost outlet. The one on the passenger side seems to be in ok shape. My questions are:

1) Am I calling it the correct name?
2) Can this part be removed. Some of the pictures I've seen make it look like it might not be removable.
2) If it is removable, do you need to fold the windshield down to remove this part? My FJ40 is a 76 hardtop.
3) I have a Toyota Chassis & Body 1975 - 1980 Repair manual, but there isn't anything in there for the actual defroster vent components in the windshield, is there another chassis manual that has the name and descriptions of body and chassis parts? I also have a Haynes Manual but it didn't show it either.
4) Is there an aftermarket product if a used one isn't available?

If I take it out I may be able to repair what I have, or fabricate something to attach to the non damaged sections, if the parts I can't see are undamaged.


May 12, 2005
Dover, DE
It can't be removed easily. It is welded to the top of the cowling.
A better condition one could be cut out of a donor and re-welded in place of your beat up one.
You might be able to straighten that up some and get the defroster hose to seal, but it is pretty bent up.

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You would have to fold down the windshield to either replace it or try to straighten out the curves.

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