I pulled the intake to replace the starter does this look normal ?

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Jan 30, 2009
Burnet, Tx
I pulled the intake to replace the starter does this look normal ? yes I need to vacuum the dirt after I shove in more socks

240K on it and doubt the intake has ever been off.

It ain't amazing but not crazy. I'd vacuum it out carefully, of course making sure to mind the intake ports. Complete the starter job and replace the gaskets. My $.02

Edit: If you're feeling ambitious, I separated the intake manifold and cleaned both halves, reusing the gasket between them. Yours is interesting. It looks like the walls going into the head are pretty clean (good sign probably), but more buildup than I saw around the entry. Potentially more reason to give the intake manifold a clean, though not necessary. It's extra steps like that that seem to drag on every project I do.
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Somewhat unrelated, but the only time mine has ever been that far apart (since I bought it anyway) was to replace the o-rings/gaskets on the rear bypass pipe. Mine leaked just a bit. A new starter went in as well, since the labor to get all that apart is the same.

Something to consider.
Clean the ground wire terminal mating surface and the block. Before removing a dirty joint, I always blow away the dirt before the removal.

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