I need to borrow someones MAF.. In Texas.. can pay shipping (1 Viewer)

Mar 29, 2011
I was wondering if there are any fj62 owners in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area.

I am having trouble with my truck and the maf is one of the few things that hasnt been replaced yet. I was hoping someone would let me borrow their maf for an hour or so to test if thats the problem Im having.

Or, even better, just come park your truck beside mine so I can try a couple things. I would be willing to pay you for you time and help but I dont have a ton of cash.

Anyway, if someone has one laying around that could ship it to me that would work as well. I only need it long enough to throw it on the truck and try it.

Thanks in advance guys..

254 two zero 5 86 zero 8 is my number. Let me know :)

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