I need rubber mats?

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Feb 22, 2006
Need recomendation for good quality rubber mats for front, middle and rear.

Thanks all
I have always liked my Husky LINERS [EDIT] .. middle and rear. My only complaint is with my Husky front liners because they have a mind of their own and tend to curl up with very cold weather. I would rather they were more relaxed and sat flat on the floor pan. I'm not sure others share this same dysfunction with they're front liners.


D'oh .. called them mats when they're really the liners, of course!
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I will second the Husky....but get the liners and not the mats....More expensive, but worth it.......
Husky liners and forget about it.

Ty, did you remove the original carpet mat first? I'm thinking of punching a hole in the driver's Husky and hooking it where the carpet mat hooked in.
My Huskies up front curl and move around too.
I love the middle and rear liners.
I'll probably replace the fronts someday.

I'm 6'2 and removed the little foot rest for more leg room. Huskies got trimmed accordingly but I think i might go with some mats next time due to the roll up factor and fit with the foot rest gone.

Husky liners, No roll up at all and I live where it gets cold.
I recommend you weave a set out of marine rated vinyl and then powder coat them. And post pics, of course. :rolleyes:

Very interesting! Sounds like some of us have a case for the Husky fronts being defective in the cold .. maybe we should start calling and asking the company about this .. maybe get new ones, or at least a discount on new fronts.

I know MTNRAT lives where it is cold, and that clinches it for me that some of ours have a defect and curl up .. to me this can even be a safety issue .. and I am always pulling mine back to seat them as best I can :rolleyes:

My Huskies move around and curl too. I think a lot of it has to do with the vinyl heel pad that is sewn/moulded into the carpet. It doesn't give the Huskies much carpet to dig into to keep from sliding like the passengers side.
I use Husky floor liners in all my LCs. No curling here in Houston. :D
Thick rubber mats of the $5 variety from China-Mart.
My driver side Husky mat creeps forward and sometimes it get on top of the accelerator. I did not know what was going on the first time it happened. Now I know all I've got to do is pull on the mat.

Weathertech in ALL my vehicles, year round. No problems, but you have to trim the driver's mat at the gas pedal.

Naw.... changed my mind - Go Huskies!

John Davies
Spokane WA
My trick

Hi Guys I'm new to the site ...I am a proud owner of a 1996 lx 450 ...its very clean ... I have the tan with the brown on the inside .
My mats are catch-all ... I had them from a 2001 f-250-350 with out floor 4x4 selector ...drive side need just a tad bit of triming .
The pass side was a perfect fit , catch-all come in many different carpet colors ... they look like the stock rug and they hold water like the huskys .
Just my 2 cents


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