I need help figuring out exact model of car bought

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Jun 8, 2010
Bogota, Colombia
I just bought the car in the picture. I need help figuring out the exact model number for my car. Its a 1994 Land Cruiser 70 series but the previous owner didn't have the owner's manual. I need to see if anyone can tell me the exact model and if anyone can help me find a downloadable pdf of the owners manual that I could find online. Thank you all
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It´s a FZJ73 assembled here in Colombia in Envigado, by SOFASA (Renault)
You can find the manuals on the web or send me a PM I have most of them.

It is a "standard" spec FZJ73. I understand these were assembled from CKDs in Colombia.

The small badge on the FRP Top rear gives it away. The top and rear axles were local components, among other things. Snorkel seems to be aftermarket.

You might want to check www.cruiserheads.com for a user's manual download. Although the site is more 70/71/79 Series specific, the manuals are still useful.

Hope this helps.

I wonder if it is a carby or injection model if it's a petrol ,could be a hzj73 ?
Only petrol were assembled here, till 1997 were carb, and from 1998 to 2003 injection.
The 1992 and 1993 were FJ73 with the 3F engine, butsome 1993 came FZJ73. The snorkel is original, but the cap is from other brand. It´s also the Full Equipped model.
Do you mind if I ask, what would something like this sell for down there?
Do you mind if I ask, what would something like this sell for down there?

Depends on the kilometers of course. The car I bought a 1994 model and only had 110K. The price for it was Peso$22,000,000 (around US$11,000).

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