i need a new release cylinder $116.10 toyota dealer price

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Dec 3, 2005
Coquitlam B.C.
i called napa and lordco no one has one except toyota , does any one else know of a parts suplier in vancouver ? or else where ?
might want to give sor a call

I know we all want to save on our parts but finding something though the local resellers might be tough. Give specter off road "SOR" a call. Thay have about everything and are located in southern california. Another option is give rob from Land cruiser industries a call. I dont know the number of the top of my head but look him up in mytelus.com. If anyone, he might have it or would know of somone else who does. Most likly he would also want to replace the cylinder on your vehicle .LCI is located in Richmond within a block of river rock casino.
i have a good used one still on a 1982 BJ 60...$25.00 you pull it off

in south langley
I bought a slave from VAP in Surrey about 2 weeks ago when I was up! It was about $40 or so if I remember right. It's destined for the FJ45LV.

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