I need a local shop recommendation (NW Ark)

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Aug 20, 2009
I need a shop recommendation for NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma, or SW Missouri. I started a rebuild on my FJ40 a few years ago and have had everything done except putting the pieces back together. I thought I would do this myself, but I can't seem to find the time. I've now decided to find someone or a shop to pay to have it simply put back together. There may be a few tiny parts missing, but most everything is there, and brand new. I bought a ton of new parts.

Please let me know if you have a suggestion for a shop or someone to piece this thing back together.
Not sure if they do this...but you might check out Bohannan Four Wheel Drive. I've never used them but have heard of them through the guy I bought my '40 from. They are located in Bentonville. HTH - JP
Hi, you can also post up in the razorbacks club house on this site. There's a few NW AR guys who visit regularly. Best regards, ty

Bohannan 4 wheel drive in Bentonville. 479-273-7674 ask for jewel, he has been in the business for years and specializes in landcruisers.

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