I might have just bought a little bit of mud history

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Jun 2, 2009
So ~2012 my friend and I bought 2 Toyota diesel conversions/clones from Marv Specter. My friend bought a green 93 HDJ80 5 speed clone. Due to kommiefornianism and Cali's air Nazis, my friend could no longer register his 80 anymore, so like a good buddy I relieved him of it since I live in America and registration took ~15 minutes and 'smog' is an unknown word. Doing a little searching here on the forum, Im almost positive the 80 I bought is the one converted in this thread circa 2005:

In the thread, the converter put an 'ABS' light led in the dash:

Which I believe has been removed and the label scraped off in mine:

Also, the original converter installed a block heater in place of the rear passenger freeze plug:

And when I looked, there it was on mine too:

So I suspect this is one and the same. If so, it's changed quite a bit over the years. Marv said he bought it from the guy who'd converted it, apparently something happened to the engine and Marv ended up overhauling it. Marv certainly added some goodies because as of the last post on the POs thread it didn't have a 5 speed manual, the ARB front bumper, winch, lockers or long range tank with the switch valve in the filler neck. The paint was also a lot better too, or at least the clear coat was! Anyone recognize it and have any history on it? The original converter hasn't posted in quite some time.

Anyways, I'll post some pics since that's what everyone likes!






Goofy switch install on the center console, gotta fix that. Installing 35s soon, then I've gotta decide what to do with paint...

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