I killed my horn...

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Jan 18, 2017
Recently something weird happened with my 2002 LX470. The fog lights turned themselves on while the vehicle had been off for quite some time. When I went out to the vehicle to figure out what was up with the lights the horn came on. And wouldn't turn off. It had to be completely electrical because the horn was not stuck on the on position. It was like the CPU was going schizo or something. So in desperation I tried to pull the clips that connect the cables to the horn out. Couldn't get them to budge so I just pulled the cables out of the clips. Now I can't get the cables secured back into the clips that attach to the horns. My question is this: does anyone have advice on how to fix this problem in the most economical fashion? Is it fixable by me or do I need to purchase a part? Or take the vehicle to a mechanic (hope I don't have to.)?

Thank you for any help,
Don't know if it's fixable by you, not sure what you're able to work on. If you can strip the wires, you can get new clips from the dealer. Maybe upgrade the horn while you're at it.

Next time, if there is one, just pull the fuse.
if all you did is pull the wire out of the connector than you can just strip the end of the wire and crimp on blade connectors a they are the same size as the pin in the horn
I would figure out why the fog lights/Horn came on the first place before worrying about how to re connect the horn just in case it happens again you don't have to yank it again.

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