I have a 40, my life has meaning again.

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Jan 9, 2009
I havent owned a 40 since sometime in 2006. I had to sell it somewhat suddenly, not long after I was driving it home from the bar one night, 12/23/05 actually, and failed to yield to an oncoming car in an intersection. That car happened to be a Sheriffs Deputy. I happened to be quite drunk. :beer: And my insurance happened to have lapsed at the time, as it was a second vehicle. :doh: So I got the triple whammy. Luckily, the sheriffs deputy was ok, as was I. I cant say the same for the Crown Victoria driven by the deputy. Total loss. Paid by me out of pocket because, did I mention my insurance was not up to date? My 75 Cruiser faired pretty well. It was impounded. :crybaby: The Crown Vic was taken to the crusher, I assume. The State Trooper that arrived soon thereafter gave me a field sobriety test, which I passed somehow, and promptly took me to jail for DUI.:frown: It was a sad ending for that chapter of that Cruisers life with me. But I sold it to someone who had plans for a full restoration, which is somewhat comforting. There is no doubt that I was drunk and I shouldnt have been driving. However, until my dying day, I will submit to you that that deputy was FLYING :steer: through that intersection, with no emergency lights on, at a dimly lit intersection at about 2:00 am. I do take some satisfaction in the fact that the Crown Vic hit my 75 Cruiser at a high rate of speed and totalled itself, while the 40 was still drivable.

My first 40, a '77 that I bought when I was 16, also met an untimely demise. At the behest of a friend, a Jeep owner nonetheless, I attempted a water crossing, that turned out to be much deeper than we thought. We had to swim out of the windows, and when we got back to shore I turned around and it was nowhere to be seen, completely submerged.

So fast forward to about a month ago, when I came across a '78 -40 on CL in Texas. It looked pretty solid and original in the few pics on CL so I called about it. The guy I spoke with said he had bought it in 09 from the original owner. That sounds good I thought. I told him I wanted to see some more pics, so he had an acquaintance who was familiar with computers send me some more pics. I liked what i saw so my plan was to sleep on it and call him back the next day and make an offer. I got restless that night and decided not to wait, and made an offer that night. He accepted and I was on my way to Texas the next day with my trailer in tow. Got there the day after that and here is what I got....
First pic with PO .jpg
Pic 2 on trailer in TX.jpg
pic 3 in TX.jpg
more pics....

few more pics
pic 4 .jpg
with hubcaps.jpg
interior rear
interior rear.jpg
Congrats on the purchase! Is that you with a tall-boy in your hand?
2 owner, original owner had it until 2009. 36830 original miles. Original paint, seats front and rear, floor liner front and rear. I am pretty sure the CB radio was dealer installed, it works. Also came with the original rear bumperettes and step, original spare and 1 original wheel, radio hole faceplate cover, toolkit, and bottle jack. I got a factory front bumper from cruiserparts, but I have to get that monstrosity off the front first. I have changed the plugs, rotor, filters, etc... and it runs like a top. Its got a few kinks to work out, but I am loving it. All the lights, guages and knobs work. Cant get it in 4WD though, I gotta get down there and figure that out.

Anyway, I have a 40, and I feel whole again.
Congrats on the purchase! Is that you with a tall-boy in your hand?

No no, he was the guy who sent me the extra photos, the PO was the cool cowboy on the left.
Looks like the ideal purchase! :clap:

Solid as!

And not purposely prettied up with the aim of getting maximum dollars via deception - as we so often get from sellers.

This is Texas.... Well I reckon you must be the dude with the stetson on the left then... (Looks more lawless too - which matches your story.) .. :D Edit : ... Ooops. I see now that he's the PO.

nice 40...i will drive it like that for a long time,good you put the oem rims and bumpers..i will paint the rims black and keep the hubs caps...what a lucky Bas....rd jajjajaja enjoy it !!!!!!
Thx, the sharper eyed of you will notice that it didn't come with a bezel. I got one from cruiserparts and was expecting a factory colored one, but it had been sprayed gloss black. So disappointed. I went with some Duplicolor, "natural white". Wrong color. That search continues. I will have yall note it's installation, however.
man, I am jealous, it has a sill :hillbilly:

great find :cheers: and great story - except for the drunken part of it :rolleyes:
Very Nice, but I would keep the bumpers. That being said, I'm from NYC, so people here park by feel and bumperettes won't survive.

Good purchase and funny story
Bad decisions usually make good stories...Thanks for sharing, nice Cruiser!!

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