I hate A/C Need ?'s answered

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Apr 10, 2009
Tucson, AZ
In a nut shell. Tried to get the A/C working had some issues and took care of all the issues. A big thanks to Rex for helping out. Installed all the new parts and reassembled. Vacuumed and charged and the compressor won't turn on. Jiggled wires and the compressor started and ran for the charging and the drive home and then nothing. Started to trouble shoot and found that the thermistor was plugged into the glove box light plug. Corrected that but there is no power coming out of the amplifier. When checking the amplifier curcuit according to the FSM the readings are wrong. Two of the continuity tests don't have continuity. Could these be related to the thermistor? Also, the high idle doesn't come on. Not sure how to check that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thx matt

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