I had a gawker today with my 62 --

May 27, 2004
Savannah, GA
Cool. I had the same thing happen a few days ago. He asked what year as well...

Great song on the video, by the way.
Dec 11, 2004
The Rock
LOL....You had a gawker, I had a STALKER!

We had someone in our backyard about a month ago, scared my wife to death. Guy ran off through the wooded area behind my house and jumped the fence into another backyard in another neighborhood....Called police, went looking for him, nothing....Neighborhood Assn put out flyers warning to be on the lookout....

About a week later I was in a stereo store, and a guy came in, "Whose Cruiser is that?". It turns out he was a neighbor, loves Cruisers, and he stated he had been walking his dog, and came up into the driveway and looked it over with a flashlight. He thought he might have been the perp we saw, but denied running into the woods and jumping the fence, but he was there same night.....

He even came by again to look at the 60 I bought later........

No more boogeyman sightings, though....
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