I h8mud, stoopid mud, I hate it! (1 Viewer)

Dec 13, 2003
San Rafael, CA
The street where I work is full of auto repair shops, a school bus yard and a multitude of other businesses which means that there is virtually no where to park unless you get very lucky. I usually just hop the curb and park on a grassy/dirt strip that dips down into a gulch where rain run off flows eventually to a sewer system. Usually I get up the curb between parked cars, and today I could only squeeze between a couple heading square to the curb which meant I didn't have the necesary room to turn directly onto the safe grassy strip.

Well....it didn't look that muddy, or that deep, but soon enough I found out that I really hate mud. 4 low and a locked rear only helped me bury the axles deeper. I think if I had some mudders rather than all terrains I might have just driven out, but Bridgestone Desert Duelers (cheap and used with rims) might as well be slicks. If only I had mudders, if only I had a winch.....

So I just embarrassed my self silly while I was winched out in 30 seconds by a great big yellow tow truck....

I h8mud!

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