I got a 69 FJ55 last night! Great start on this project

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Jan 28, 2005
I'm pretty stoked about this pig I picked up last night. It was a project that someone lost interest in and alot of the work has been done. Last night Scife, his son and I, jacked up the body and rolled the frame under it for the trailering home. The bod is in nice shape for a pig... all doors solid, most rockers solid... rear under gate is very solid.

The guy put alot of love into this rig... I feel very fortunate to get it in its state. Because I still have 2 LV's on the back burner... I don't know if I am going to keep this rig... but because it is so close to being finished, I may. If someone offered me $2500 for it, I wouldnt turn it down though. The springs are worth $1000 alone, Nos fenders I think are priceless "shrug". We will see. I may just have it powdercoated in a couple weeks and build this one this summer along side Pacino's 1st stage.

Frame: Needs Powdercoat
Disk Brake conversion: Done
Power Steering: Done
New SOR beefy springs: Done
New 2-4" shackel life: Done
Engine: 1994 305 Chevy and 700 Tranny with 3spd transfer adapter: Needs installed (engine/trans only has 16,000 miles on em)
Floorpans: Done
New Master cylinder: Done
Reapolstered back seat: Done
New Hurst shifter: Needs installed
Nos Fender installed: Done

Here are a few pictures

I basically woke up this morning and went to lowes. Loaded up on sandpaper, some phospheric acid, mask and some primer. Came home and sanded all the surface rust off the NOS fenders (truck's been garaged for 7 years and I think when it was transported prior it got wet). The rust came right up with no pits what so ever... these are the straightest fenders I've ever seen.

After sanding, put some phospheric acid on the fenders, let it sit for 10 minutes and washed with water. Then I took a steel wool pad and roughed up the surface and scraped some of the acid reminants away. The I dried with some air and wiped down with some laquer thinner and spray'ed the primer on. It came out pretty good... The truck will have to live outside till I get a spot in the garage free'd up.

Here are a few more pictures.
Looks pretty good man, hope you find the time to get it up and running or if you sell find a true cruiserhead to put that pig back on the rd.
The pig resto/build should be easy compared to the LV

you Piggie guys have it made.
PabloCruise said:
Do you want to ship this?

I would be interested - can you tell me what PS conversion has been done?

Is it set up for SBC, or can it still mount F/2F/3FE?

I can assist with shipping. I wont pay for shipping though.

Yes the PS conversion has been done. The mounts have been taken out for the SBC. So its ready for a chevy... but if you need mounts Ihave another 55 frame out back that I can cut off. PM me your number and we can chat.

very cool.. If you can what I would do is actually pull it all apart and sand blast it to get everything out rust wise IMO. If you want to take a look at some ways to get rid of that rocker rust, I can up with some weld in sliders for mine. The rocker ones have held up great but not the rear ones when really really hit hard...
Still don't know if I'd sell it... but I sure wouldnt put the 305 in it. If someone wants it, I'd let it go for $2k minus the engine/tranny/transfer. Otherwise... to the powdercoater with the frame :)
Going to finish up the opel in Bay 3 soon... this will get the powerder coating within 3 months... Thinking about dropping a 350 chev 4 bolt in it w/5 spd.
Headed to hawaii... need some loot.

First $1500 takes... Note that the springs and fender on this rig are worth that. New and New. Read above for all the extras.

Does the frame and body still need to be mounted? Or do you just recommend to take the frame and have it powder coated?

Are all the wiring and harnesses associated with the motor present?

Thanks. I just need to figure out if this is above my skill level.:)

Very nice though!!! :cheers:
No wire harness.

The body sits on the frame... 8 guys and the body comes off... and frame goes to powdercoat... might as welll do that before completing the build IMHO.

Painless wireing harness will do the trick
I'm now selling this rig for $1000.

I have swapped the disk brake axle for a 69 Stock axle. and robbed the master cylinder.

Will sell for $600 - without the front fenders which are NOS and perfect.
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