I drank the Koolaid!

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Apr 15, 2019
St. Louis, MO
I went and did it. Purchased my first LC, a 00 with only 292000 on the clock.

It's the highest mileage one I looked at, but also the cleanest with almost no frame rust and no body rust.

According to Carfax and Toyota, all the maintenance up until 8000 miles ago was performed at a dealership, and it appears that all fluids have been changed within the last 10,000 and it has new tires.

Had the timing belt replaced along with the radiator (it was leaking).

Need to replace the battery (the one that's in there is old and too small) and I'll probably do the shocks soon.

Someday I will probably lift it, but since I still need to get my 92 year old father in and out of it, it will stay stock for now.

I'll see if I can attach pics.




Spotless. 👍

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