I didn't miss my 60 until..

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Apr 24, 2003
Southwest Oregon
The new owner of my 60 (from Ohio) sent me a picture of my old 1984 FJ60.. Glad he's stoked..


But you do have a 40 and a 80 and a..... :flipoff2:
Kief, do you mind if I ask why you sold it?? Was there something wrong with it or just needing funds for the 80 build??:meh:
No, I don't mind if you ask- I didn't need multple SUV's in the 4 door wagon version. The 60 has more room inside a cool body style but the 80 seats 8 vs. 5, will do 80+ mpg's, has electric lockers as a factory option, great handling on and off road, a more powerful motor (although no manual tranny available) and in my case my 60 really needed a complete paint job. The 60 was slated for a diesel conversion but MIBS kicked in (more is better syndrome) and I ended up starting the 80 diesel swap and the money was good to have vs. a car sitting in the driveway. The 80 got 16 mpg on a recent trip vs. the new owner getting 13 mpg on his trip to Moab..
I would still own another if the right deal came up but the 80 is good for now. If I could get a 4 door 40 then I would have found a replacement for the 80..
If I ever ended up with an 80 it would be because of the 5 vs. 8 people thing but as we get older we just don't need to carry 8 any more. But mine needs a paint job too and having that done right costs a lot, plus places don't like to do jobs like that while they are making bank working on insurance claims that are much easier. I'm anxious to see how your diesel looks. I need to win the Lotto....really I do. :lol:

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