I broke it

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Sep 22, 2007
Fraser Valley
So i was rolling down a slight slope in 4 low yesterday when i heard a ping and i was suddenly free-wheeling. It felt like it had just slipped out of gear. No problem i thought, stop, make sure i am in gear, back into four low and away we go.
Except that i got stuck about 15 minutes later and, well, i was looking for an adventure.
I am still bagged from getting out, so i haven't even looked at it yet, but what does all think? Transfer case, (my guess) or axle? We are talking about an LJ 78 Prado, so any known trouble points to be aware of?
Input appreciated!
my bad

Sorry, i see i was not clear.
I totally lost my front wheel drive, which is why i got stuck. The transfer case still goes in to 4 low, but the power does not get to the front wheels.
I will crawl under the truck tonight and take a look, but i wanted to know if there is anything obvious to check first.
Again, thanks to all.
i think the tranny is fine

once i got out of the bushes i was able to drive about 100 km on the highway home without a single problem, so the tranny should be good.
Hi All:

Check the locking hubs on the outer ends of the front axle assembly. To check the t-case engage the front drive, then crawl underneath the rig and grab the front drive shaft - if the front drive is engaging you won't be able to rotate the front drive shaft.

Good luck!

Electric hubs are ... well

Absolutely broken.
With hubs 'locked' and 4 hi engaged i lifted one side and spun the wheels without the drive shaft moving, and then the other side the same thing. I twisted on the shaft and it was locked into the t-case because it wouldn't move and it caused the back shaft to budge.
I took it out of 4 hi so it was just the hubs 'locked' and the drive shaft spun nicely, although the 'locked' hubs should have stopped that, right?
Sorry for the stupid noob question, but i am learning quick
To find out more, do the following:
Jack up one of the front sides so one wheel can spin freely.
Engage 4wheeldrive and engage the tranny (1stgear)

Grab the driveshaft and turn
---possible? Tranny/X-fer is not okay, possibly the system to engage 4 WD is broken (actuator?)
--impossible? Good. Grab the wheel and try to spin it.
--possible? Something wrong here. Several options:
One of the hubs or both are not not locking up.
To find out more, jack up the wheel at the other side and lower this one.
Can you turn this wheel - No? Then at least this hub and driveshaft are okay.
If yes - check or the hubs are activated in that way that they get voltage. An electric problem may cause them not to engage. Both hubs being broken at the same time is unlikely.
Do they get juice? Yes?
Worst case scenario is getting close:
- suspect damage in the differential or driveshaft. To find out more you will have to open the hubs or differential--- :-(
Thanks Ron
So i am figuring it is the hubs that aren't engaging, whether due to the actuator or electrical i don't know. Here is a question. I just had my bearings replaced last weekend and this is my first time out since then. Is it possible that something happened while being repaired? Did the shop not do it right? I uess that depends on where it is broken... but is it possible?
To be honest, I don't know about electric hubs by experience. But what I've read about them is that they are fairly sensitive and prone to damage.
Putting them together takes some experience, it seems. So maybe indeed that, during replacing the bearings, the hubs were not re-assembled correctly.
As you might know it's necessary to dismantle the hubs to replace the bearings.

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