I bought a 93!!!

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Sep 20, 2003
Suffolk, VA
Found a 1993 FZJ80 in Chiacago with lockers and 112K (well now 113K :D) on her in great shape. Best part is I got out the door with it for under 7K :flipoff2: New tires, NO rust, and only a couple of scratches, to say I am happy is an understatement!

I was getting ~18mpg on the way home to Ohio at 70-75mph so I think the motor is running good. I heard no odd sounds or felt any vibrations during the trip so I think I am going to just start out giving it a basic tuneup and fluid change :D the only thing that causes me some concern is it takes about 2-3sec once you turn the key for the engine to come to life, but I seem to remember my 97 Taco 4x doing the same ???

I'm planning on tossing some Mobile One into the tranny and diffs but does anyone have any pointers for what kind of spark plugs to use? Are the plugs easy to get to once the cover over them is taken off?

Thanks in advance :D

Right on! It is pretty normal for the engine to turn over a few times before it catches. I have heard that they were designed that way to get the oil moving to pre lube the engine prior to running. Not sure if that is true or not. Can't remember the stock plug numbers, but they are pretty easy to get to except #6.
We have another winner from the rust belt! The starting thing is normal and I'd stick with the factory stuff for the ignition. I did a complete tuneup at 120k on mine which included factory wires, plugs, rotor, cap, fuel filter, pvc valve and gasket and cleaning the K&N. Be sure to check over that front axle closely just incase it needs to be done.
Spark plugs,
p/n 90919-01176

p/n 90919-01168
Excellent choice in a vehicle and year :;) . I'll bite my tongue about the price. If the front axles have not been done, do them right away (check the many posts on this subject). I bought a locked 93 last December with 120k. My mechanic thought the seals looked fine for a while. He was dead wrong. I broke a birfield in late january.

112k, lockers, no rust, new tires, under $7k. You did good!

I'll bet 4 pints of Boddingtons that it is green. For some reason all the early trucks with lockers seem to be green. Nothing wrong with that... just an observation.

She's green, not my choice of color but what can ya do...the price was right ;)

We have put close to 1K miles on her so far and all seems to be well....

Hey, hey, hey............Best be careful 'bout what you say with regard to the stunningly handsome 6M1 Emerald Green Pearl........ :flipoff2:

You may need something from me one day ;)

Oh, Mine's green too :rolleyes:


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