I am poor, parting out the FJ45 Drivetrain

Jan 19, 2005
Vancouver eh?
I blew the engine in my samurai coming home on the I-5 on the weekend. Spun a bearing and took out the crank.

Cost a bunch to get it home, and now it needs an engine.
Thus, I have to part with some stuff I have been "hording" for a while.
I want to keep the axles / body but the drive train stuff has to go :(

Sm420 from 64 Chev pickup w/ 7.04 first gear

Wardens adapter to 3 speed landcruiser

3 speed tcase from 1972 fj40

AND.... I will throw in a Power Take Off that fits the 420.

these are not to be sold seperate unless I have buyers for all stuff. Again, I DO NOT WANT TO SEPERATE.

They are not mated together at this time.

$600 OBO for all four

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