I am officially a Land Cruiser owner!

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Mar 23, 2010
Well after weeks of searching and much disappointment I am finally a VERY happy owner of an 85 FJ60. I knew nothing about FJ's until 3 or 4 weeks ago when I started my search and since then I have been overwhelmed by the knowledge and friendliness of Mud members. Thanks for all of your input on all my past and many future posts, and especially thanks to texsurf21 for selling me his old rig and putting up with my newbiness. =) You'll be hearing from me a lot now.

Uh....dunno what so cal rake is.....But it is as I bought it. 2" lift (I think). Interco Trxus mt 33x12.5 completely rust free (except one spot on passenger roof rail) Motor runs good, 23x,xxx miles. Just fabricated cheapy rear bumper tonight and will do front this weekend to pass lame Missouri inspection. Thanks for the compliment and for the look though!
What part of KCMO are you? I'm in KCK.
Paid $2300 for it. I'm in Liberty TOJO, this is what kept me from buying yours ;)
Nice rig!! And welcome to MUD!!


Welcome Sethleberry. I am in Parkville, MO, and my girlfriend lives in Liberty. If you have questions or want to to get together, let me know.

Check out temp home or go to the local club section and click on us, the local club.

I echo what Bandicoot says

Be careful with these things. It really becomes an addiction. My first car was a cruiser and ten years later, I have still only ever owned land cruisers. I am up to three currently and am keeping my eye out for number 4

Congrats again and welcome :cheers:
Nicely done. Nice rig for not a bad price. I bought my rust bucket for not much less.
That is a great rig in a great color. The SoCal rake refers to its rear low appearance, ala' baja or prerunner type stance.
I think the stance is spot on, no AAL in the back.


How's the rust? The wheel wells and roofline look suspect.

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