I am finally worthy (new owner)!!!

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Aug 12, 2011
Sacramento, CA
Hey guys - After what seemed like an eternity of day dreaming and saving, I have finally picked up my FJ80! Bought it from another member a few weeks ago.

Here she is, after getting a Craigslist detail job :)

- 1996
- 164k miles
- Factory lockers
- FOR lift
- 35" tires / 17" wheels
- Welded sliders
- Super birfields

This weekend I'll be doing a lot of basic maintenance and tune-up work, followed by the front axle rebuild later in the summer.

Once the basic stuff is done, I'd like to get some armor and new wheels. After that, who knows!

Look forward to being a part of this awesome community :)

what's wrong with the wheels :confused: they seem to hold on just fine :doh:

congratulations on your purchase :cheers:
Not that much of a fan of the wheels, but dang thats a clean rig :grinpimp:
Clean man. Nice find
Thanks guys! Wheels are too flashy for my tastes. I think I'll be going with the classic rock crawler style wheels, like the ones from Black Rock. These are the ones I have on my little Nissan truck right now:


This thing is a money pit in every sense of the word!!!!!!!!!!
Nice rig! Congrats!

Question: why the need for a front axle job? If someone was keen enough to put "super birfs" in this truck, I can only assume it didn't happen that long ago - is it leaking?
Thanks! On the birfs, I haven't seen them myself, so I'm going off the information provided by the PO, which were installed by the owner before him. The PO rebuilt the PS front axle a few months ago and gave me the parts to do the other side. Without knowing the full history and the details, I'd rather go ahead and take care of it to be on the safe side, especially since I already have the parts. I can see a small bit of grease on the DS knuckle, so it might be ready for a rebuild.

And from what I've read and the pictures I've seen, I think it will be a good learning experience...ha!

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