I am about to STAB some one in the eye!

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May 13, 2011
Huntsville, AL
As I was finishing up the work I was doing on my new 80 tonight, I started trying to remove the aftermarket car phone installation. At some point, I am guessing 15 years ago had a car phone installed. The sorry SOB that installed the system, ran 100ft of excess cable and just piled it up in floor boards under the carpet. They attached everything with sheet rock screws. As I go to pull the speaker and phone base plate mounted to the passenger side of the transmission tunnel, I notice a steady puddle under the truck. WTF???????? There was no water leak before I started this, in fact I had just changed all the fluids in the truck and there were no leaks before I started this escapade.

So grab the creeper and slide up under the truck. What do I see? The jack ass that installed the phone system, drilled right through the tunnel and into the main coolant line for the rear heater.:bang::bang::bang::bang::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

This thing is so far up the tunnel beside the transmission access is almost impossible. If he was standing in my shop tonight I would have grabbed a screw driver and stabbed him in the eye. Since my wife had to drive it in the morning to work, I had to put the screw back in the hole. I am so mad right now thinking about the idiot that did this. Now I need to find a rear heater coolant tube section and then disassemble the world to replace it. :bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang:

You can literally say you got screwed!.

That really sucks!

I would bypass and remove the rear heater.
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Yeah, but it was a free install!!
I put a u shaped solid tubing in mine and got rid of the rear heater, to much valuable space under that seat for a heater to go to the rear of the truck there are no seats there for.

I think it is amazing that it had not leaked at all over the years. If it is too PITA to fix, run all new rubber hose. That is what I did.
mounting a speakerphone.... i dont think i could screw that up if i tried...
Would a pipe repair clamp work as a temp fix in a situation like this? IDK
pipe repair clamp.jpg
I looked at a couple of options last night and the hole is so far up in the tunnel that getting to it is almost impossible with the transmission in the way. I probably could pull the tube out and just fire up the ole TIG and weld the hole shut, but I am not that far along. Maybe next month. I want to drive this thing and make some new parts not fix some kludged up garbage. (even though It needs to get handled.)
Take a deep breath, count to 10....THEN stab the SOB!

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