HZJ80 Exhaust Flex Joint Replacement

Sep 5, 2022
Sydney Australia
Hi all, as much as I love the noise on my new 80 I do have to get around to replacing the flex joint (I think it might also be called a crossover, or bellow). I've found numerous replacements online but can't find which diameter or length I should be looking for. I assume there should be a better way than just trying to measure the existing one.

Secondly, how do I go about replacing it? Very new to this kind of work but as far as I can tell it'll start with a good amount of soaking in WD40 or something similar. Couldn't find any LC specific guides online so any pointers would be great!

Oct 15, 2020
Orlando, Fl
If you can Mig weld yourself, measure the circumference and length of the pipe and buy a generic flex joint.
If you can't, bring it to a muffler shop that should be able to do it for pretty short money - $100?
There is not a better way than measuring it yourself to find a replacement.
Toyota will sell you the whole pipe, which is just overkill.

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