HZJ73 Headlight 24v to 12v solution?

Apr 22, 2019
Vancouver, BC

I recently installed the stedi 7" homage lights on my 70 series. The lights look awesome but unfortunately the high beam is not working due to some voltage issues. The vendor had claimed that they are compatible but once installed they didn't work.

I am hoping that one of the amazing people here on the forum have some trick up their sleeve to make a 12v light work on a 24v electrical system. look forward to hearing your input! Thanks in advance!

Link to Stedi Lights
STEDI 7 INCH HOMAGE LED Headlight - https://www.stedi.com.au/stedi-homage-7-inch-led-headlight.html
Oct 5, 2021
does the wire harness have voltage for high beam when you switch to hi? bypass the harness and connect the headlight directly to the battery and try to see if you can make the hi and lo beam light up. Should be just Grd hi and lo.

my 73 still run on 24v h4 halogen headlights + 2 IPF h4 halogen that are converted to 24v. Got all my 24v h4 bulbs at NAPA. I like to keep it simple and old like me. 2 x 75 watts and 2 x 90 watts are bright enough for my poor eyes

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