Hydrualic Steering

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Jul 6, 2003
I'm thinking about fabing hydraulic steering. I figure it'd be strong and less hassle -with lift and articulation- than ps. Anybody done this? seen it done? have any pros/cons or linx? Happy new years

PS- If you live in Federal Way, WA and restore cruizers and have a blue 40 for sale let me know.
Check out http://www.pirate4x4.com, tech articles, and Billvistas hydro steering information. 'bout all you need to know is in there.

I ordered my 1.5" x 6" hydro ram yesterday from West Texas for my assist install....hope to have that teched up soon.
I know this a cross post from Pirates, did you find out if the ram contacts the frame on full compression?

I haven't had a chance to flex it out to test it, still working on getting everything going. It won't hit though, the pic is deceiving, it actually goes behind the crossmember.
This is a simple setup. All you need is the right orbital setup. Also remember that this will not be street legal and some most orbital valves will not return to center. I mounted my cylinder beneath the springs and I have not had any problems at all with rocks bashing the cylinder or the rams.
I have never had problems with the steering locking up at 60+, but on a windy day and going at highway speeds you have to keep steering into the wind, not just hold the wheel. I alway thought this was because of the hydralics and nothing mechanical in the system. Now I know it was the pump cavitating. I run a stock Chevy pump, but soon to hot rodded.

However, when crawling I can turn my 36's with one finger. I can even "walk" the front end over if I get wedged on a rock on oned side. I just have to give it a little gas.
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I have never had problems with the steering locking up at 60+,

Neither had Elf cruiser.

Full hydro or hydro assist.
I would never run full hydro on the street..
Not safe enough. .
My fear is that some catastophic failure will leave me with nothing, and there are several things that will do that on a full hydro. I have seen 2 full hydros fail, luckily both were at Gilmer just a short way from tow rigs.I would hate to see this happen on some of the Moab or BHCC trails....
The 2 ram assist setups I have wheeled do just fine and I do like the backup of linkages, plus the ability to have road feel on the highway.
Drove Troy Myers TJ with full hydro once....very interesting....not something I'd enjoy on the road.

Buddy of mine runs full hydro on his Ranger too...rock hit a fitting in Paragon and there he sat for about 6 hours while parts were tracked down on a Saturday. With a drag link to back up, he could have at least struggled thru the balance of the day.
Thanks guys, you're litterally life savers. I've decided to "possibly" run hydro assist. Not so big on full hydro now.

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