Hydraulic Steering for 1982 BJ46

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Dec 26, 2008
I am looking to put a fully hydraulic steering system onto my 1982 BJ46. Someone recommended the PSC motorsports hydraulic system. Anyone put one of these onto their cruisers? or have alternative ideas. I am running some rather large tyres. 33/12.5/15 so need something pretty strong to do the job. Thanks
Is it RHD or LHD this will make a difference on what you can use for PS applications,most use Saginaw,mini truck,or 60 series PS units but if it is a RHD you will have to find a RHD donor.
Im suprised your 46 does not have PS since the 46 is the higher end model compared to the 44 you should have the 3B,PS,AC,possibly the 5spd trans,and the folding cross over rear seats.
larger tires? i thought you were going to say something in the 40" range, i wouldnt do it for 33s

if you are set on it y not just go ram assist
Well seems my lowly 46 is bottom of the range.. no aircon, no power steering.... it is a left hand drive as I bought it in France where I live, but was originally from Belgium. I have looked into normal Power Assisted systems, but was told they may not be strong enough.. so that's why i looked at the hydraulic system. YES I only have 33's... sorry they are so small... but in France it is illegal to have tyres which extend beyond the body work of the car. But anyway.. would like to have a PS system which will do the hard work and not break within 6 months... so any recommendations gladly received!!

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