AltFuel Hydraulic Oil in a 1HD-T

Aug 22, 2012
Grande Prairie, AB
Don't Bother.

I've got an acquaintance who has been successfully running hydraulic oil through the mercedes diesel in his smart car at a 70% Hyd/30% Diesel mix, and through whatever engine it is he's got in his Ford Excursion at a 100% Hydraulic Oil mix.

I tried these various mixes in my 1HD-T. Seems like below 50% hyd. I didn't notice any significant difference. Once I went above this I began to have issues.

After a 700km trip I had a hell of a time starting the truck at -20 degrees C. more than I should have even without having run the webasto, nor having it plugged it. The truck wouldn't stay running until I started pulling heated fuel (I.E. through my Aux Fuel system).
I noticed diesel on the top of my fuel filter. I pulled apart the electric heater element on my fuel filter. Replaced the larger O-ring, and it ran fine.
Until the next time I tried to run Hyd. it blew up again. I got an O-ring rated for hydraulic fluid and it held just fine.

And I made an over-1100km trip on combined hydraulic and diesel.

However, on the return trip I lost all boost pressure. Twice.

After some consultation I tried something. Both times Boost pressure would come back if I switched back to diesel and ran my EGTs hot. I kept them above 600 degrees C until the boost pressure came back.

Diagnosis: the 1HD-T, a notoriously cold-blooded engine, does not run hot enough for hydraulic oil (even when the oil is heated to ~70 degrees C.) The incomplete combustion was gumming up the waste gate spring leaving it wide open.

Long and short. It's not worth it to me to run this free fuel.

Veggie Oil is still running strong. Hasn't caused a single problem yet. knock on mud.
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