HVAC blower fan light, one not working?

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Mar 4, 2012
South OC
I have searched extensively but can't find a clarification...

My HVAC blower lights all work except the light for fan speed 3. Lo, 2 and Hi all work fine.

I pulled the control head and it was not obvious why...but it just seems like there should be a light dedicated to just the light for fan speed 3.

Anyone that has done the LED upgrades have any insight for me? I'm digging into my dash tomorrow to install a new head unit and I'd like to try to diagnose the lighting as well.

Thank you for your help!

thread revival, sorry.
i also have one LED out on the HVAC fan. also hoping to get this fixed when i do the head unit very soon. anyone have a pic of the HVAC controls with out the fascia trim on? or know what size LED? 3mm? will it need to be resoldered? thanks!

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