husqvarna 266se, grease?

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Sep 21, 2003
So I picked up this 266se last fall from a nieghbor that was moving. I got it running today and need to cut down a 30"+ diameter tree tomarrow night. My other two saws are smaller 20" and 18" saws, but this one has a 30" bar on it. It's been a few years, 15, since I used my fathers big old husky while clearing land outside boston for our house. The neighbor gave me a bunch of misc. stuff with the saw, including a grease gun with a needle tip on it. Given the fact that he gave it to me with the saw I figure I need to use it somewhere on the saw. Where do you add grease to this thing? Gas, bar oil.. I got all that, just need to know where to put the grease.
Take a look under the clutch coiver at the center of the clutch (end of the crank) there may be a hole there to get grease into the clutch bearing.

also the nose sprocket of the bar, if it is a sprocket tip, this can be omitted as it is lubed pretty well by the bar oil.
If it has a roller tip on the bar you need to grease those before use.. or about every hour.
Yep. There is a small hole on the end of the bar. Grease it till it's spilling out the bar grooves.
Thanks guys. I found the holes on the roller tip and greased it up before I started and every 30 minutes or so during. Nothing like limbing a big tree while it was snowing and windy. I did that with my trustworthy old homelite 18". That thing takes a beating and is probably older than I am. I was lucky to have the 30" husky as the trunk cut was almost 38". Thanks again for the help.
I figured 30 minutes was way overkill, but I don't think the saw had been used in years. I figured it wasn't going to hurt anything. I'll keep all greasing under control, thanks.

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