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Oct 8, 2003
Near Junk
I just got my new rims and tires mounted yesterday at NTB. This morning I went out to do some work on it and noticed it had the lean to the driver's side - about one inch difference as measured from the top of the rear wheel to 1/4 panel on both sides (lower on DS). This wasn't there before I mounted the tires. I think I recall reading a thread somewhere that this has happened to others when their rigs get unsprung like on a lift. Is this true? Any rec's on where to buy the shim plate? Or better yet, I was looking at a 2.5" lift kit anyway - will this fix the lean or do I still need the shim anyway?

Appreciate some advice on this one.

Look for a broken spring leaf on the low side. Did any of the shackles got inverted? Sometimes when a shackle gets inverted, the first leaf is bent to a point that only lifting the rig is enough for it to invert again.

Mine has periodic attacks of lean after spending some time on the jack or jackstands. I get all worried about it,then it goes I'm not making this up.
Currently it is in remission, but it has not spent any time on the jack, either.
Long :)
lose weight. :D

Just kidding, the lean thing is a typical crusier deal. Cycle the suspension, run up on some curbs. Ed's right, it will probably go away. If it doesn't, then go for the lift. :beer: :beer:

Mine leans every month or so- and then I put air back in the driver side tires.... :D

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