hub/lockout issues?

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Jan 10, 2010
Central Wisconsin
Just finished assembling my '40 front axle. I notice if i turn the pinion, even when hubs are unlocked, the wheels turn-but i can spin the wheels freely without the pinion moving..It did this even before I rebuilt everything. I have warn lockouts..
Any ideas?
Not a big deal, it's a slight amount of drag in the lockout assembly when there's absolutely no opposing load. My Aisins and Ejectros both do it too.
Just to clarify, when the vehicle is on the ground and being held still, i cannot rotate the pinion at all, even with force.. Is this still right? Seems to be more than slight drag. Would just rather be safe that rebuild anything down the road when it breaks
Sounds like you may have a hub not disengaging. Time to pull them off and clean/regrease.

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