Wanted Hub-centric Wheel Spacers/Adapters

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Jan 29, 2008
Toronto, ON
United States
I'm looking for a Hub-Centric wheel spacers/adapters for a friend's Toyota.

We need the parts ASAP, so if you have them or know where I can get a set, please, let me know.

Any help is appreciated.
for fj60 rims? if so I do beleave I have set
60s series should have the same 6x5.5 (6x113.9) bolt pattern with M12 studs and 108mm bore.
If so, then those might fit in case they are hub-centric (lip on the center bore).
FJ 40/55/60/62 are lug centric and not hub centric...

For us dummies, what does "hub centric" and "lug centric" mean?

Hub centric-

Wheel centers on a raised lip or flange on the axle mating surface and does not use conical seating lug nuts, but rather, a shank lug nut and washer combination typically is found.

Lug centric-

Wheel centers on the wheel lug studs when secured to the axle flange or wheel bearing hub assembly using conical seating lug nuts.

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