HSORVP - Saturday, February 7

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May 26, 2007
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Couple of Toyota friends - Drew Carrigee and Andy Jordan - will be in town to wheel this weekend. I'm going out Saturday to try out the new grooving job on my Treps. All are welcome!

If you have to choose between wheeling and going to the 4WP opening, don't let me discourage you from going to see 4WP!!!!
IMHO I think it'd be great if we could get more guys to represent the local club at the 4WP Grand Opening. I hear rumors of @YotaLance & @M0untaineer possibly proposing a MUD discount for those on this forum. If we could get that set up then I believe that would open up a whole new door for us MUD members. Plus, who would argue will discounted parts?? As @M0untaineer stated in the 4 Wheel Parts Grand Opening thread, "I say we show up and "own" the opening...would be good publicity for the club too"
Excellent... Was merely an invite. I'm going wheeling, and all are welcome to join :thumbsup:

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