hsf or ome

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Dec 6, 2008
Im just about to buy the the lift for my 62 and pretty much had my mind made up on the OME 2.5. Just a little while ago i remembered about HSF and they have a 3" that is a bit cheaper. Have any of yall gotten the HSF? just wanted to check it out before i made my final decision.
do you mean HFS (hell for stout from CCOT?)

i'd go OME if it's not a huge $$ diff. I have BDS and like it, but a bit stiff (which also is 3"+ lift).

get in touch with cruiser outfitters. i think he has the best price on the ALL OME kits.


what rob said.
I installed HFS about 2 months ago... no complaints so far but I have not 'really' wheeled it or put major stress on it so no feedback on durability yet. The ride is much bouncier than I anticipated. I had some issues with the HFS barbell shackles and am running some similar to OME now (better design IMO).

I am not knocking OME, it seems to be the standard but there are some issues that occur depending on the person installing, set received or by design.
  1. The sleeve can start slipping causing a 'clunk' when turning, this also eats the bushing(s). There is a 'fix' posted on the forum.
  2. 'Cruiser lean', if the installer doesn't pay attention or by off chance the springs are stamped incorrectly the wagon will lean to one side. I have also read some users installed the rear springs correctly, let them settle for upwards of a year and still lean (perhaps not suspension related - who knows).
  3. 'Stink bug' effect (I think this applies to Heavy/Heavy - I may be wrong)... From what I have read, it takes a while for the rear springs to 'settle' resulting in a 'stink bug' like stance. This is by design to compensate for heavy loads in the rear (armor, cargo, etc). Some posters have added extended front shackles to level it out.
Some of these issues may exist for HFS as well but due to the low number of people running HFS the amount of discussion is far less. Since the majority of people on the forum seem to have OME, there is a significant support base if there is a perceived problem.
I also have HFS but again don't do any what I would call real serious off road activities. It does very well on paved roads/highways, logging roads, over river rock etc. These are all I know so I don't have any comparison for you.

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