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Mar 7, 2006
Just took delivery of mt 87 BJ74. Imported myself and went pretty smoothly. Figured out the difference between summer and winter deisel(if there is one) and how little anyone here (the guy that inspected) know about 24v systems. Now, risking embarrasment, I take it the lever on the left is to engage the PTO for the winch. How do I let out and take in cable. She has 95k and locking diffs. Looking to get it out soon. don't know where to go.
Hi Zaxxon,

Congrads and don't be embarrassed. Tough to read Japanese.

Here is the answer I think Allstone Huang (BJ74 owner, Coastal Cruisers member, and all around fine individual) gave me when I asked the same question (if it wasn't Allstone, I apologize):


shift auto into neutral, t-case into nuetral, engage the PTO. then select a gear (or reverse) to operate the winch. no forward or reverse on the PTO lever. can also engage your t-case to get the tires to "help out" the winch. have to get used to this as it is difficult (or can be) as engine speed and winch/tire speed are all conected.

I replaced my shear pin with a 1/4" roll pin. It took about 2 mininutes with a punch and a drill. I then went and buggered something up in the actual PTO, not the winch itself


The PTO shifter can be finicky to engage. If first you can't succeed, try again.

A couple of things I discovered:

1) I have owned a PTO (BJ74) and a Warn 8000lb electric (FJ40). I now realize that I prefer the electric, even if its not usfull for long periods beacsue of the load on the battery and charger. The reason is that the PTO does not let you feel how hard the winch is working. It just pulls with the worm gear, the diesel not changing RPMs at all. At least the electric winch whines and slows. Also, the electrics usually have a remote, far safer and lets you view your pull from outside the vehicle, stopping the pull if you see a problem.

2) Watch out for your winch angle off dead centre. I pulled from off centre by about 40 degrees (not a problem with a proper fair lead) and the cable cut into my stainless bumper fascia (the fair lead rollers are inside the fascia) and snapped the cable with quite a whiplash. Luckily away from the vehicle.

Ahhhh. We live and learn. :):beer:


Tip of the day: when using the winch, lay a floormat across the cable, this way, if the cable snaps, the mass of the floor mat will direct the cable at the ground. My bumper is all scored around the rollers, i fugured that I would take the thing off and cut the hole a fair bit bigger to accomodate more acute angles. What good are rollers if you can't use them? :)
safety home device ... long ( old if you are married :D ) socks ( 2 ) , fill it with sand ( off course in plastic bag ) make a knot close to sand bag and bind 2 socks.
hey, thanks

I just got her back from RUST CHECK. I am headed out to the lake and testin out the winch and diff locks will be a priority.
Just always remember, have cable out prior to engaging the PTO. I forgot once, with a 1966 Bronco,no more winch gears and a bent bumber :whoops: Live and learn.
is there a way to disengage the winch to pull cable out freely
on the right hand side there is a lever, pull up on the big nob and push towards the rad and you can free wheel the cable out...

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