How to replace your fuel sock filter

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Sep 5, 2010
Denver, CO
First off a big thank you to the fine members of this forum - thanks a million for all the great info on here. Here is my attempt to pay-it-forward with this mini how to on replacing the fuel sock filter - did you know your FJ80 had one?!... ;)

I had pulled all my carpeting out as part of the cleaning/baselining the new to me vehicle. This maintenance item was recommended to me as a 'while you're at it'... Follow along as I document and illustrate this simple yet important maintenance procedure. I got all the parts from CruiserDan - thank you, everything was there!

First, you'll be dealing with gasoline and more importantly - gasoline vapors, so make sure you're in a ventilated area and make sure you don't have smokers around - I mean, make SURE. Get a water hose or better yet fire extinguisher ready.

EDIT: it's better to do this when your tank is nearly empty so you can see inside it to put in and take out the assembly.

1) Disconnect the battery so you don't end up with a short and sparks somewhere.

2) Remove the gas cap to release pressure in the system and prevent the gas from flowing out of loose fittings.

3) Remove the rear seats, carpeting (if you haven't already) to get to the access panel in the floor. Start by removing the three retaining screws with the phillips screw driver:

4) THe pic below shows the top bracket of the fuel pump showing all the external connections we'll be removing to get to the filter inside:

5) Start by disconnecting the electrical connector and release and undo the rubber return hose as shown. Use paper towel under there... if you remembered to remove the fuel cap in step 1 there should be very minimum fuel flow. Next, loosen and remove the banjo bolt - there should be two crush washers on each side - you should not be reusing them.

6) Remove 8 phillips screws holding the cover down. Pull all the connectors aside and pry the cover off the top of the tank. Carefully - I mean carefully, pull out the pump assembly ensuring that you don't bend the wires and especially the float indicator for the fuel level gauge.

7) Pick a comfortable place to work and start the disassembly. Remove the rubber retainer as shown:

8) Next, remove the retaining clip that holds the old sock filter in place.

9) Once the retaining ring is off, pry the old filter off (carefully):

10) Time to replace old parts with new: the parts circled below are the new replacement parts:

11) Pushing the new filter back on (and not breaking it) was the most difficult part - this thing was a pain. After you push it on there, secure it with the tiny retaining clip (use a new one)! I used a small socket to get the clip on there good:

12) Continue re-assembly. Place the rubber fitting on there and push the whole thing back into the bracket.

13) Next, pull the old gasket off of the bracket and replace with the brand new gasket as show below:

14) Carefully place the whole unit back in the hole. Use gentle movements to do this as the wires are pretty thin and you don't want to bend it. Put the hose back on, re-connect the electrical plug and the return rubber hose. Carefully reassemble the banjo bolt - use two new crush washers (one on each side of the banjo fitting). Tighten to 22 ft-lbs using a torque wrench.

15) Put the gas cap back on, cleanup and re-connect the battery.

Start the truck to make sure all is well under there before you button up that access panel. I didn't and it made me wonder... but so far, so good.

Cheers! :cheers:
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Great write up. Well done. Add to FAQ?

Here's a pic of mine from the 92 that was obviously bad/sucked in which was causing engine hesitation after about an hour of driving.
resized fuel sock.JPG
Great pics and write up! Thank you!
cool :cool: thanks for posting mercfan, I definitely need a search function for my bookmarks, it's full of great info. Your thread along with CruiserJack's ... will save me time when i do mine...
This is a MUST for the FAQ's.

Thanks for posting ! This is why we all love IH8MUD !!
very nice write up!
mercfan....Great step-by-step write-up!

Thank you!
Nice write up. One comment though. It is best to do this when the fuel tank is low because the assembly needs to go in a certain way and it is easier to see when there is not a lot of fuel in the tank.
Great stuff!

Thanks for taking the time to document.
Thank you guys! Edited the instructions above based on the feedback.
if you have them handy, list the part numbers for all the new bits and pieces, thanks.

great write up and pictures.
Excellent write-up.

Having done this myself when installing the Non-US main tank, I can add that it is actually not a terribly difficult job, and well worth the effort. My sock was not terrible, but definitely had some junk (looked like dog hair) on it! The most time-consuming and heavy-lifting part is pulling the middle-row seats. The rest actually goes quite easily.


Not sure of the size, but the P/N are below.

Washers P/N 90430-12026 x 2

Filter Sock P/N 23217-16490

Sock Clip P/N 23229-16010

Gasket P/N 77169-60010

Awesome how-to on doing this @mercfan, thanks!!! My fuel gauge went out on me a while back and my vehicle won’t turnover due to probably some other issues I had mentioned in another post of mine. I’m following the awesome instructions noted above, however the fuel pump won’t budge and I can’t seem to nudge it. It feels like it’s fused on top of the tank. Any ideas on how to loosen it up so I can take it off and replace the parts! Thanks in advance!
If you got the 8 screws and the fuel lines then it's just rust, crust and disgust holding in place.

Edit. Pull it out and put it back in slow and carefully. I shaved i bit of insulation off the fuel level sensor wire. Ooops. Also, I forgot to hook up the 3 wires the first time. No explosion just no start till I did hook em up.

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