How to replace fake woodgrain???

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Apr 5, 2007
Austin, TX
Has anyone ditched the woodgrain trim on their 00' or similar 100? If so, how and where did you get different trim? Any help would be much appreciated. :D
If you have the fake "wood" that is part of the dash (i.e. not the glued-on stuff) you can take the pieces off and have them repainted. Any reputable paint shop should be able to paint this type of plastic.
if it is stickon, it is fake and can just be peeled off. On the LX470s, there is actually real wood laminated to the peices. Many LX470s though also have the "extra" stick-on crap.
You can also replace your center console pieces w/ the LX equivalents which would give you the real wood.

I did that on my '00 TLC, but then I got the LX and they've been sitting in the garage. I'll probably put them on ebay.
If you have the stick-on type you can peel them off. I did this to mine with great results. Someone gave me a tip that helped out a lot. About 30 mins before you plan to pull the wood trim off, start the 100 and turn the heater on high. This will heat up the interior and cause the adhesive holding the trim to loosen up. This makes it a lot easier to pull the wood trim off. ***Note*** you will sweat your arse off using this approach. :D

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