How to Remove Rear Door Flares?

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Sep 28, 2003
PNW, WA aka wetside
I was wondering if anyone can explain the proper procedure in removing the fender flare on the rear door. The PO of my '97 LC must've side swiped something, b/c the flare seems loose. I'd like to disassemble it to see if there's anything I can do to fix it.

Thanks In Advance
The flare is fastened to the door in three places. There is a rivited bracket at the top and bottom of the flare and a plastic clip in the middle. I suspect that the plastic clip in the center has failed. Open the door and remove the 6mm bolts at the top and bottom of the flare. At this point, the flare should come off in your hands. You will find a yellow plastic clip in the door skin and a white plastic "post" in the flare. I suspect that one or both of these pieces have failed. I recommend that you replace both of these pieces. As I am not at work at the moment I can't provide the part numbers for the required items :doh: (Of course I do have them in stock :flipoff2: ).
Install a new clip and post and re-set the flare. "Pop" the flare in the center to engauge the clip and re-install the bolts.

:cheers: D-
Thanks Cdan...Man this board is great. :D Great answers even on the weekend. :beer: :cheers:
Or . . . drill out the center pieces, remove the rest of the flares, and sell them :).

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