How to Remove Drum Parking Brake attached to Transfer Case?

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Oct 11, 2018
charlotte, nc
Hello All, *(First time to post here).

On my 1971 FJ40 the parking brake got stuck and would not release and made it very difficult to move. I finally made it home and now I need to do some maintenance on this thing. I have not encountered a Parking Brake System like this before that is attached to a Transfer Case. So far I have dropped the rear drive shaft only to uncover a large nut needing to be removed (See Pic w/ Yellow arrow). I figured this would be a good time to stop and ask the professionals on the next steps and how to remove this monster sized nut.... What size Socket fits that nut? Is that the next step to remove the drum?
Photo May 27, 10 51 17 AM.jpg
Photo May 27, 10 51 46 AM.jpg
Photo May 27, 10 52 01 AM.jpg
When you pull that drum be prepared for lube to pour out of the ass end of the transfer case.

Or you could go ahead and drain it beforehand.
Pull the fill plug on the TC first. That will tell you if you've been running with proper level of 90 wt. If not, then you'll know what the cause was for future TC issues that might show up. And this will also tell you if you have issues with the fill plug - it's quite the challenge to fill the TC (or trans or diffs) not through the fill plug. Then pull the TC drain plug and drain it, it's a lot easier to drain it that way then through the output shaft. Pull cotter pin, and spin off nut - 21 or 23 on the nut size? can't remember, obviously, lol - then drum will pull off. You might need to use a dead blow hammer to help convince the drum to come off, especially since you've experienced the stuck brake issue most likely related to that bent backing plate. You definitely need to replace that. Good luck with repair.
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Was the backing plate bent before the parking brake problem started?
I think the nut is 24mm

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