How to remove axle- welded spider

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Mar 11, 2010
East Tennessee
I got a leaking driver side rear axle seal leaking. I removed the diff cover and there is a "Lincoln Locker" in it. I removed the 12mm bolt and the pin. What to do next? I can not see the "clip". to remove it and then slide the axle shaft out. Do I need to get a whole new rear end? Try to "unweld" it and replace all gears or what? Thanks, Squirt
Once the pin is removed you should be able to push the axle in a little to expose the end of the axle and remove the c-clip.
Remove pin, remove the spider shaft, slide out the block that is inbetween the side gears and spider gears, (the spider shaft passes through it) then you will have the room to push the shafts in and remove the retaining clips. At that point they will come all the way out.
Is the block welded to the spider gears or are the spider gears just welded to themselves?
take a pic of the diff please. Sometimes, people weld the entire thing..
and new shafts
No not as bad as that guy welding the ring., but close. Sorry I dont have a camera yet. I'll try to paint a picture, the spacer was welded as well, however, I thought I suckewd at welding, this PO was really bad. A pencil grinder and @2 1/2 hours later, the axle was out. Was able to clean it up a bit. Wish I had the $ to put some gears in there but it will have to wait. I got 3.70 now, 2.4L gas, got 39.5" tires, what ratio wuld you guys suggest? 5.29?
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don't know why people do that.... something like an aussie locker is not that expensive.

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