How to remove ARB third member?

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Dec 18, 2011
I just bought new/used front and rear axles for my 60. I'm going to rebuild the axles before I install them (new seals bearings, knuckle 'stuff'...) I'm starting with the rear and have removed all the brake components but I don't know how to remove the axles so I can get the third member.

What's the procedure? Thanks in advance for the help....and pics would be great also.
first thing first, you don't need to remove all the brake stuff....hahaha!

do you have a repair manual? it outlines is all really well. Have you taken off the rear diff cover yet? got it up on jackstands?
For the front ( it's got no c-clips ) you just slide the axle shafts and birfields out, unbolt the third and pop it out. the rear has c-clips so you have to pull the cross shaft and spacer before you can push the axles in far enough to have the c-clips drop. The cross shaft is held in by a pin hidden under one of the carrier
cap bolts. You have one of two obvious choices of which bolt that it's hidden under. The pin is internally threaded. ARB supplied an L shaped tool that looks like an allen wrench with a tapered thread that you screw into the retaining pin to pull it out. Then you can remove the cross pin and spacer block

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